Monday, 31 August 2015

My Kisby/ee/ey website has had a revamp, relocation and a rename. This was forced on me when my previous webhost, Madasafish, took it upon themselves to close down my free hosting account. In July I noticed had disappeared along with its email account.

By fortunate coincidence the Guild of One-name Studies (GOONS) launched a website hosting project in June 2015. As a member of GOONS I have been able to move my Kisby/ee/ey website to their servers - and the advantage will be, if the project is successful, my webpages will be preserved there is something happens to me (or I leave the GOONS). I've taken the opportunity to smarten and simplify the website, adding the most important pages from the previous site, while designing a few new ones.

The url is

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